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Cement Ball Ore Milling Equipment

Psted On 2018-02-06 14:06:08
Cement Ball Ore Milling Equipment

Cement Ball Ore Milling Equipment Vibration Reasons

  • 1, for the liner. As a result of the new roller, disc liner relatively smooth, not easy to stabilize and "suck" the material will lead to a certain vibration, the operation can be appropriate to increase the material layer thickness, increase the water jet, the other can increase the block ring . When the liner surface after a period of operation, it will gradually adapt to the nature of the material, the smooth operation.
  • 2, the lining of the excessive wear and tear. Due to the centrifugal force of the abrasive disc, the large pieces of material on the abrasive disc are concentrated in the outer peripheral area of ​​the abrasive disc, resulting in that the outer abrasion of the abrasive roller and the abrasive disc lining plate is larger than the inner side during operation. This uneven wear in the material layer volatility or material layer thin, it may lead to the inner side of the Ore Milling Equipment liner and disc liner inside the hard impact, causing vibration. When the roll liner turn around, because the wear parts can not be completely consistent, may also cause such vibration.
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  • 3, button moment and "tendon" damage. Button moment and "tendon" role is to prevent the grinding wheel in the radial shift on the disc, when they are damaged, resulting in excessive radial roller swing, undermine the normal "suction" angle, serious Causing the relative sliding of grinding roller and grinding disc, causing vibration. At the same time, due to their damage, the eccentricity of the center tripod may be caused, exacerbating the vibration.
  • 4, the hydraulic system is faulty. The hydraulic system is one of the most important equipment systems in a Cement Ball Ore Milling Equipment. The grinding roller exerts a great grinding force on the material. However, due to hydraulic system failure caused by the action of the stretching rod is inconsistent, down roller and up roller when the three rollers are not synchronized and so may cause Ore Milling Equipment vibration.
  • 5, pink hammer valve failure. Back to heavy hammer hammer due to excessive wear and tear caused by mechanical failure or lax, there will be a part of the wind leak from the vertical hammer valve, so that the amount of wind to bring down material, affecting the normal lifting of materials; the other hand, The wind of the valve will disturb the air flow in the separator, causing a large amount of powdery material to accumulate in the cone-shaped hopper. Once the accumulated material suddenly drops, it must be a large amount of powdery material, which must fall on the grinding plate Will cause a big vibration, but the vibration is relatively regular.
  • 6, Insufficient pressure accumulator or damaged nitrogen balloon. The pre-charged gas pressure of the nitrogen bladder in the accumulator should be 60% -70% of the normal grinding pressure. When the pressure in the accumulator is insufficient or the nitrogen bladder is damaged, it will lose its cushioning effect and cause the hardness of the abrasive roller to fall down, Vibrate greatly.
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  • 7, water system. The water spray system plays a very important role in stabilizing the material layer, especially in the case of a large amount of powdery material. Under normal circumstances, no matter how much feeding, will start the sprinkler to increase the toughness and rigidity of the material. When one of the three spouts is blocked or leaking, it can cause imbalances in the bed, causing undulation of the rolls and vibrations. In addition, if in the course of operation once the water jet system stops, the inner lining will lose its toughness and rigidity, resulting in Cement Ball Ore Milling Equipment vibration.
  • 8, stop ring. When the nature of the material and Ore Milling Equipment work parameters are stable, the height of the stop ring basically determines the maximum thickness of the material layer. When the stop ring is too low, as a buffer layer of material will be thinned, the damping effect weakened, increased vibration.
  • 9, scraper wear, unbalanced guide vane wear, uneven windshield can cause uneven wear ring mill and mill air volume distribution, resulting in disc material thickness varies, causing the corresponding vibration.