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Sand Making Machine

Psted On 2018-02-06 14:43:26
Sand Making Machine

7 Reasons For The Sudden Stop Of A Silica Sand Making Machine

Reading guidance: have you ever encountered such a situation that equipment suddenly shut down in production, and feel puzzled. If you want to repair, you will not be able to start. You must stop working and wait for professional maintenance personnel, which will affect efficiency and increase cost. But from now on, if your Silica Sand Making Machine has this kind of fault, don't worry, look for the reason below.

The material is clogged in the broken cavity. The clogging of the material will also cause the sudden stop of the equipment. At this time, the material should be cleaned up. In the subsequent use, the granularity or more water containing materials are prohibited from entering the machine, and the feed should be kept evenly to avoid too much material.

The triangle belt is loose. Check whether it is a triangle belt problem. If it is too loose and cause shutdown, it is necessary to adjust the tightness of the triangle belt. If the triangle belt loses its tightness for a long time, it will replace the triangle belt.


The working voltage is not suitable. When the working voltage of the production site is too low, it is not enough to maintain the normal operation of the Silica Sand Making Machine and stop the machine. At this point, the voltage that meets the requirements of the device is selected.

The internal parts fall off. If the equipment before the shutdown of a metal collision sound, may be a component of the crushing cavity leads to falling sand making machine suddenly shut down, then to check the internal device.

The impellers die. When the crusher enters the metal and other hard objects, it is possible to block the impeller of the sand making machine, resulting in the equipment being unable to work. Therefore, we must strictly control the hardness of the material and prohibit the entry of the non breakable objects.


Bearing locking or spindle fracture. If it is caused by the fracture of the spindle, it is necessary to repair or replace the spindle of the wear. If it is because the bearing locking causes, it is necessary to find out the reason to lock, ensure correct installation of the bearings, bearings have certain working clearance, good lubrication of the bearing, otherwise it can not fundamentally solve the problem.

There is a problem in the connection line of the equipment. If the connection line is broken or the contact is not good, the sand making machine will also suddenly shut down, especially if there is no sign without sound, it is probably the connection line is out of order.

The 7 reason is that the Silica Sand Making Machine suddenly stops. This is a common case. If we encounter it again, we may take a look at these aspects first, so as to avoid unnecessary waste of cost.