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Stone Crusher

Psted On 2018-02-06 14:33:46
Stone Crusher

A Downtime In The Operation Of The Hydraulic Brick Stone Crusher

When a Hydraulic Brick Stone Crusher is used by a ore enterprise, it sometimes meets with a sudden shutdown. If we fail to find out the cause of the shutdown in time, we can repair it in time. It will cause much more damage, and it will have to stop because the machine is not used, making the enterprise suffer huge losses.


So why is the jaw breaking opportunity suddenly shut down? What should be done when the Hydraulic Brick Stone Crusher is suddenly shut down? Let's look at it together.

  • First, in the Hydraulic Brick Stone Crusher in the process of using some of the workers to rush deadlines will not stop to feed into raw ore. In this way, the load-bearing capacity of the machine will cause the blocking of the inlet. The workers must clean the intake port to continue the production. So the raw material must be added evenly in the process of production so that it will not stop because of the blockage of the inlet.
  • Second, The Hydraulic Brick Stone Crusher is driven by the transmission skin, so if the tightness of the belt is unsuitable, it will cause a shutdown. The loose will not work because of the lack of power; too tight can make the belt particularly easy to break, and it will also affect the work. So check the belt to see if it fits every time you start the machine.
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  • Third, The Hydraulic Brick Stone Crusher will bear great strength during its operation, which will cause no loosening in the machine, which will affect the work. For example, in the Hydraulic Brick Stone Crusher, there is a device called eccentric shaft. When the tight bushing is used to fix the device, the eccentric shaft will not work together in the machine. The right thing to do is to check all the parts of the machine to be loose and fasten in time.