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Ultrafine Mill

Psted On 2018-02-06 14:24:57
Ultrafine Mill

Abrasive Foreign Material

Metal foreign body due to its hard texture, so when the grinding roller grinding, the impact and damage to the liner is more serious. At the same time, the grinding roller will also produce big beating and cause sudden vibration. Although the grinding material goes through several iron removing devices, the protective device coming off the Ultrafine Mill and the chunks leaving the lining still cause big vibration.

Belt Scale Broken Material, Out Of Control, Fluctuations

Due to the seasonal and material changes, there will be broken belt and card material phenomenon, especially limestone and sandstone will cause sudden material layer thinning, cushioning effect weakened, while the grinding pressure is still relatively large, resulting in vibration .

When the belt scale out of control and speeding, the abnormal increase in material into the Ultrafine Mill, resulting in the material layer is too thick, reducing the grinding effect. At the same time as the material more, the pressure becomes larger, poor ventilation, when a certain limit, will lead to a sudden substantial vibration Ultrafine Mill. When the feed fluctuations, it will cause the wave form of the material layer, the roller in the disc fluctuations, causing vibration.

Sudden Changes In System Air Volume And Air Pressure

When put into and out of the SP furnace, kiln feeding, stop material, collapse of the material will cause the system air flow, wind pressure fluctuations, the Ultrafine Mill air flow normal trajectory changes, undermining the established system balance, triggering vibration.


Material Is Too Thin Or Too Thick

Material layer is actually sandwiched between the roller and the disc between the cushion, under normal circumstances, the roller, disc material extrusion is the material layer extrusion. When the material is too thin, its cushioning effect will be weakened, vibration will increase. When the material layer is too thick, the buffer effect is too large, resulting in reduced grinding capacity, reduced production capacity, pressure will gradually rise, when a certain limit, the vibration will suddenly increase. Therefore, in normal operation, the material thickness should be closely monitored and the parameters adjusted in time so that the material layer is stable within a certain range.

Grinding Temperature Is Too High

High temperature in the Ultrafine Mill will lead to the destruction of the toughness and rigidity of the material layer, especially when the temperature is too high, the material becomes very loose, not only the material layer becomes thinner, but also not easy to be sucked by the grinding roller to "suck" and cause violent vibration . Under normal circumstances, by adjusting the Ultrafine Mill baffle and the corresponding amount of water control.

System Air Volume, Material, Grinding Pressure Does Not Match

Vertical Ultrafine Mill system stroke volume, feeding volume, grinding pressure, should be a balanced overall change in the normal operation of a parameter, the other parameters should be adjusted accordingly. If the parameters do not match, it will also trigger the vibration.

For example, when the system air volume is too low, too much spit slag is caused, and the gas can not blow the medium-sized particles back onto the grinding disc to grind again, resulting in the material layer being too thin; meanwhile, the excessively small air volume can not promote the material smoothly, Within the grinding wheel, increased ventilation resistance. Shortly after the vicious circle, can cause a substantial vibration.


Again, grinding pressure is too large, will result in thinning of the material layer, causing increased vibration; when the material layer fluctuations, but also cause hard contact roller disc, causing violent vibration.

Lifting Roller Timing

When the grinding roller is too early, due to no or too little material on the grinding disc, there is basically no material layer. When the roller falls, it is bound to directly impact the grinding disc liner to cause vibration.

When the stop-up roller too late, due to the rise of the roller command and stick up a certain time difference, it is likely to cause the material is too thin or no material layer is still on the grinding wheel Ultrafine Mill situation is bound to cause vibration. Therefore, in daily production must be more accumulated experience, grasp the opportunity to lift the roll.

As the general production line to take a kiln-shaped form, so the impact of vertical Ultrafine Mill vibration must be given enough attention, or equipment problems, the economic loss is great.